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Dr Nalishebo Elliott and Dr Nandila Spry

Nutrient rich Products and Empowering Vulnerable Children is our passion. The Kashebo story is all about the quest to find the world’s most naturally nourishing and nutrient rich products while always maintaining a way to give back.

Kashebo is a lifestyle luxury brand that offers organically sourced products from exotic parts of the world.  We look for products in tropical climates which have hidden health benefits that help the body heal naturally.

Enjoy our first product to the marketplace, Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil one of the finest Nutrient rich Products on the market.

The Kashebo team has had over 20+ years’ experience in social development by designing programs that aim to bring systemic change through empowerment and education.

We are passionate about health and wellbeing and believe that human life is the greatest form of investment.

We all understand that we live in a world that has incredible consumer demands, it is by very nature a world whereby the survival of the fittest and the ability to climb to the top is reserved only for the very few.  We knew that to assist communities in poverty stricken countries we needed to create a brand that has popularity in the marketplace with a plan of action to assist people holistically wtih nutrient rich products and ultimately a healthy lifestyle.

We have a strong philanthropic goal to reserve 10% of revenue along with our expertise and time invested into creating the empowerment program to assist survivors of human trafficking in the Mekong sub region.  The 10% revenue is to assist us in reaching the children with materials written and education to equip social workers with the tools to assist the children and families in poverty.

“Children are not only our future they are our responsibility”
– Dr Nalishebo Elliott

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