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Kashebo brings over 20 years’ experience of training in social and community development as well as social enterprise. We engage with private investors, government and friends of Kashebo to bring about systemic change while seeking to break the silence of exploitation in the regions we access our natural resource, particularly in vulnerable hot spots of the Mekong Delta region. We strive to bring excellence in terms of being transparent including sustainability on all fronts.

At Kashebo, we understand that every resource we put to market comes with a price or has a price tag. Hence why we are very mindful of the environment, where the natural resource is sourced from and whether there is an overflow of benefit to the communities.

We believe in building relationship and are committed to ensuring our reach extends around the world with clear communication lines between the supplier, clients and friends of Kashebo.

Evaluation as a standard is a major skillset we employ from the programs we run to the suppliers we use. Every resource has been tried and tested by industry experts. Our goal is to ensure these standards are revisited throughout our Kashebo journey.

The suppliers we work with already are members of Fair Trade and comply with strict codes of practice and are checked for ethical trading. A report and video footage is available upon request if any issue arises that is comprising our brand and message of bringing positive change to humanity.

Work sites shall comply with local, national, and international labour and social security laws and regulations. There is to be no discrimination regardless of age, sex, gender, social status, religion or education.


There shall be no harassment or abuse during work regardless of the circumstances. Every worker should be treated with respect and dignity.


The purpose of Kashebo is to raise awareness about the plight of exploitation as well as provide a prevention program in vulnerable communities to young people. Therefore, if there is evidence of any form of slavery taking place at the work sites including forced child labour, forced manual labour over a long period of time exceeding 60hrs/week and human trafficking, this should be reported immediately and potential relationship with the supplier terminated.

Conflict resolution

There should be processes in place to adhere to conflicts or misunderstandings without being judged or treated as an outsider. Every situation should be treated justly and fairly. This includes any unfair wage dealings between the supplier and worker.


The suppliers we work with must ensure there is a safe and healthy environment at the worksites. Including clean latrine facilities and dining halls. These standards should comply with the local and national laws of the nation.


The supplier shall meet the minimum wage applicable to that nation by law or contract. Any overtime hours should be compensated for.


Kashebo encourages and aligns with suppliers who are engaged in their communities. By investing in infrastructure and creating education opportunities we take a leadership

We are passionate about ensuring the natural surroundings where we source our resource from is managed sustainably. This is a very important value of Kashebo as we aim to ensure our suppliers are aware of this and are committed to this. This includes sound irrigation mechanisms, removal of harmful fertilisers in the soil and water restrictions. Suppliers must adhere to the regulations set up by the environmental board of the nation.

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